2017 Legislative Session News

Greetings advocates! Every legislative session people affected by the operation of SO laws can expect to see at least one or two bills introduced affecting them, and the 2017 session is no different.

Thus far, only one bill has been introduced which recently passed the Kentucky House in a 91-3 vote — HB 38. You can read the text of the bill here. The bill introduces new restrictions for those on the registry in the form of prohibiting them from being on a playground without advance written permission from the playground owner or managing authority.

It is yet another bill which sounds good, but fixes a problem that does not exist while continuing to roll back the civil liberties of those who have long-since paid for their crimes. This bill further affects those on the registry with families by preventing them from taking their children to a playground, absent some form of advance written permission.

While the bill has passed the house, it still remains to be heard in the senate. KYCFR encourages all who are affected by this bill to contact their state senator and voice their opposition. Representatives from KYCFR were active in educating legislators in the house and voicing their opposition in person, yet despite this the bill still passed.

Legislative advocacy when it comes to sex offenders is always going to be an uphill battle, but we will continue to fight and advocate for laws which are just, informed by reason, and narrowly tailored to address the very real problem of childhood sexual abuse.

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